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U.S. Stock Market Analysis and Forecast System for Trading Equities
Planet iTrade™ is an online stock market statistical analysis and stock price forecasting system which focuses on recent past price action of U.S. equities to predict near-term future stock prices. We believe this is the most relevant approach for accurately determining the direction and magnitude of a company's future stock price and an essential tool for short-term active stock and stock options traders as well as long-term investors alike.
We are not your traditional stock market technical analysis website, there are many of those already in existence and we link to some of the better ones. We don't engage in any form of fundamental analysis either. What we do offer is descriptive statistical analysis of recent stock prices and future stock price predictions for all U.S. listed equities. As a convenience we also provide recent historical stock prices with actual price and percentage changes and daily, weekly, and monthly stock price action charts.
We welcome you to register for a FREE 30-day trial without obligation and you don't have to provide any payment information until you decide to subscribe to our service. Why are we offering such a great deal to our new clients? Because we're so sure once you try our system you'll find it to be an invaluable tool for increasing the returns on your stock trades and investments that you won't want to do without it!
If you're looking for additional tools to supplement your current stock market technical indicators and improve your trading and investing profits, then look no further! We don't provide you with a repeat of what you can get at dozens of other stock market websites, but rather we offer what you can't find anywhere else... accurate statistical analysis and stock price forecasts of U.S. equities for a variety of time periods and time spans. You can run online statistical analysis on your favorite stocks for the past few days or past 60 days, for all prices or just the up or down prices in actual price changes and as percent changes - an extremely useful feature for options traders with an outlook of 2 months or less. Another feature options traders will enjoy as well is our time span price change analysis reports, which provide you with statistical analysis of price changes over a span of time up to 30 days. Also, get daily, weekly, and monthly stock price charts all on the same web page, this makes spotting price trends a much easier task.

The Most Accurate Stock Price Analysis and Prediction System Available!

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